Utilizing the Power of Web3, AI Technology, NFTs & Affiliate Marketing to Buzz on the Blockchain

"Get ready to Buzz on the Blockchain and expand your network to stay ahead of the crypto curve"

NFT Affiliate Marketing Program

Earn $USD plus 50% Profit on all Sales

Join the NFT Affiliate Marketing Program "NFTAMP"

Earn $USD plus an NFT that allots 50% profits on the entire communities sales! Use your link to promote the "Mutant ZomBEE Merch Store".

First 100 Affiliate Marketers to obtain just 5 sales will receive Mutant ZomBEE NFT for free, which holds lifetime rewards and community access. You can even purchase the 5 yourself to qualify as they make excellent gifts!

Top performing NFT Affiliate Marketers are awarded bonus $USD per sale and higher percentage for the following month.

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NFT Collection Details

"Each NFT acts as a Rewards Card and is a masterful AI generated cute and adorable Mutant ZomBEE from the future.

"They woke from the dead and traveled through time and space by utilizing the power of blockchain technology in order to stop the extinction of planet Earth."

"Only 2,300 NFTs will be permanently minted to the Ethereum Blockchain and will require Whitelist role to Mint in early 2023"

*Max 15 NFTs per wallet*

Hold 5+ genesis Bee Collab NFTs to bee airdropped a Mutant ZomBEE prior to launch.

Bee Collab NFT Roadmap - We're building a real Bee Sanctuary and Pollination Business live on stream!

Lifetime Community Membership

All Mutant ZomBEE NFT Holders will gain access to an NFT gate-locked community with monthly sales reports and opensource chat. This is where we share tools and resources to help one another learn all there is about Digital Marketing and the future of AI integration.

Community DAO Crypto Wallet - Allocate secondary market sales to the "NFTAMP Community" for Ad Campaigns and Content Creation. This is to ensure our members have everything they need to make sales and learn about how the future of AI, Blockchain Technology and Web3 is reshaping the way we think about Business.

We encourage our members to take what they learn here and apply it to their own ecosystem. We have blockchain developers, artists, ambassadors, project manangers, and marketing gurus to help guide anyone into the digital world.

How to get Whitelisted to Mint

  • Sign up for the NFT Affiliate Marketing Program & obtain 1 Sale, or get 1 yourself
  • Follow, Like, Retweet everything that TheBeeDev does on Twitter, and turn on notifications - Look out for ways to earn Whitelist
  • Follow, Like and Share everything that TheBeeDev posts on Instagram and TikTok - Random events to earn a WhiteList will occur
  • Hold 5+ genesis Bee Collab NFTs

Check if you're Whitelisted to Mint on Launch Day

Need to Setup your 1st Crypto Wallet?

You must be brand new to Web3! That's fantastic! We are so happy you're here because that means the Mutant ZomBEEs are doing their job well!

We have come up with a simple and easy to follow onboarding video that will walk you threw exactly how to install your first Cryptocurrency Wallet. You'll learn how to safely manage it and find out how to get your friends and family involved with what you're about to learn in Web3! Everyone needs a Bud to share new things with =)

Check out the LiveInTheNowMovement and click on the 1st link to follow along with the video! ... Because... "Tomorrow won't exist if there's never a right now."

Brand New to NFTs or Web3? Learn how to setup your 1st Crypto Wallet!